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Customization by ABest ™
Jewelry Design Solutions and Master Model Making.

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abest jewelry master model

ABest is our comprehensive, custom jewelry resource that saves you time and ensures you meet your customers’ jewelry needs. Your customers’ custom designed jewelry will be delivered within five working days.

Your benefits include no inventory investment and a truly satisfied customer who has a jewelry gift customized to their individual styling and pricing preferences. Many of our custom services can be ordered directly through Stuller.com.

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ABest services include:


CAM Services

  Customized Jewelry Designs


Whether you work in Jewelcad, Matrix, Rhino, or other popular modeling programs, ABest can validate and process all common CAD formats, transforming your design from file to fully finished jewelry in just 6 to 8 days. Email us at jewellerymodel@hotmail.com.


Matrix Rendering




ABest can do your files(JCD STL 3DMAX...ect) rendering from Matrix.


Rubber Mold Cutting




All Jewelry Design  Master Models available in rubber mold cutting

For more information contact us.



Fine Jewelry Customization


fine jewelry making


At ABest Jewellery we strive to provide high quality jewellery,

craftsmanship and friendly knowledgeable customer service.


Contact us to place your customization order.



Custom Engraving

Custom Engraving

A wide variety of Abest products can be engraved using laser machine engraving.

Personalizing jewelry is easy.

Select the product online, click “Add To Cart”, then leave the message..