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A-Best is professional manufacturer, all jewelry designs available in mounting in 9k 14K 18K.



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1. Cleaning




2. Stone Setting

When the piece has mirror-like reflectivity, it’s sent off to the setter for one of the most delicate tasks in the jewelry manufacturing process: stone setting. Properly setting gemstones to maximize their security and optimize their brilliance is no easy feat. At Cascade Star, we employ skilled setters to work with our high-quality diamonds and gemstones.



We use a variety of setting techniques, including Micro Stone Setting, prong setting, pavé setting, and bead setting. In prong setting, for example, the diamond or other gemstone is placed into a basket-like setting that has three or more prongs. The setter carefully fits the stone into the setting and marks the areas on the prongs where he will cut seats upon which the girdle of the stone will rest. When the seats are cut, the stone is placed into the setting and the prongs are bent over the top of the stone to secure it.


Micro stone Setting

Once all of the stones are set, the finished jewelry piece receives a light final polish to remove any tool marks made by the setter. It is then sent for cleaning and final inspection.



A raw casting clipped off of a casting tree has a tiny nub leftover where the sprue (or sprues) was attached. The polisher starts by grinding off this nub. He then proceeds to finish the piece with a variety of techniques. He may begin by sanding the piece with successively finer grits of abrasive paper to smooth the initial as-cast surface. A motorized polishing machine is then employed to bring the piece to a final polish. Using a variety of polishing compounds, the polisher holds the jewelry piece against a spinning polishing wheel or buff, which abrades the piece and smoothes the surface, resulting in a bright, shiny finish. Tiny areas around prongs or small design details might not be properly finished on a buff and require extra care. To polish these detail areas, the polisher uses special bristle discs or polishing points that are shaped to conform to them, thus providing a consistent surface finish on the entire piece.





4.Cleaning and Inspection



Inspection for perfection


The jewelry is placed into an ultrasonic for a final cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning employs sound waves that produce a strong vibration in a soap-and-water bath—strong enough to remove even the tiniest particles of dirt and debris from diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals.

Before the finished pieces leave the factory, they are carefully inspected to ensure that only those in perfect condition are sold to consumers. Quality Control inspectors check the security of the settings, the consistency of the polish, the proper function of any moving parts (such as the clasp on a necklace), and other such details. Pieces that pass inspection are packaged and shipped to Cascade Star.com—ready to find a home in your jewelry box.


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