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Cubic Zirconia in Wax Casting

Posted on 2015-10-19, By A-Best Staff

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Cz Stone in Wax Casting is no longer a new process. Many thousands of jewellery producers have recognised the economic benefits of the process and are actively using Stone in Wax Casting to gain a competitive edge over their competitors.


1, Save Money Cubic Zirconia in Wax Casting

The major advantage of this method of manufacture is the lower labour costs, with savings of 50-80% being possible depending on the configuration of the piece. For example a pave set piece with 60 stones would take an experienced setter around 1 hour to complete, however with the CLICKSET Stone in Wax system this could be completed within 10 minutes using a non skilled person.



Reduce the cost of lower value jewellery where the labour cost is often a high portion of the overall value.

Metal loss is eliminated. Setting the stones into the wax means that there is no need to collect and refine your gold.

Only simple tools are required to set the stones into the wax. Eliminate expenditure on metal burrs and hanging motors


2,Save Time Wax Casting Cubic Zirconia

Save time by not having to set in the metal. Most settings in wax can be
completed in a quarter of the time it would take to set in metal.

Increase your production capacity using Stone in Wax Casting.


Improve your Quality Wax Casting Cubic Zirconia

Stronger settings are achieved because the metal cast around the stone
shrinks during cooling forming a tighter fit.

The metal is work hardened during traditional setting causing the prongs to
become brittle and crack, this does not happen with Stone in Wax Casting

The stones look bigger and brighter because there is less need for excess
metal to hold the stones.

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