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Study shows recognition of Leading Jewelers

Posted on 2010-07-16, By A-Best Staff

New York--A study of consumers by the Leading Jewelers of the World (LJW) reveals that a majority of shoppers are influenced "very much" or "somewhat" to do business with stores displaying the LJW Mark of Distinction and adhering to the LJW Pledge.

Fielded from May 20 to May 31 by LJW and conducted by Nielsen and National Jeweler, the study measured the impact of the LJW Mark of Distinction, which designates retail jewelers as LJW members, and the LJW Pledge, which includes a commitment by LJW members to adhere to the highest possible standards of integrity.

Among survey questions was: "What comes to mind when you think of Leading Jewelers of the World?" Leading responses were quality, service, selection, trust, price and knowledge.

The findings show strong customer likelihood to buy from jewelers that display the LJW Mark or advertise their adherence to the LJW Pledge. Respondents were shown the Mark of Distinction and were asked to read the Pledge, and were then asked whether these would influence whether or not they did business with an LJW retailer. Forty percent said "very much," while 48 percent indicated "somewhat." Smaller percentages, 10 percent and 2 percent, indicated "not very much" and "not at all," respectively.

"For obvious reasons, everyone involved with LJW was enthusiastic about the results," said Michael Barlerin, LJW executive director. "The learning regarding the importance of the Pledge and Mark and their consistent communication to customers definitely provide a jeweler a significant point of differentiation from their peers. This benefit is further enhanced by exclusive LJW Honoree status in a defined trading area."

Barlerin added that work is underway with Nielsen to field additional studies, and that LJW is working to expand the communication of the LJW Pledge at point of sale.

LJW is an association of independent retail jewelers granted exclusivity in their markets. Survey results are based on response from 226 customers of Bergstrom's Jewelers, Minneapolis.
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