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All Jewelry Design Master Models available in rubber mold cutting

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Consider the silver master model the “mother” piece: it will be the source of many “offspring” during the casting process. To begin this reproduction cycle, the master model is sandwiched between six sheets of silicone molding rubber. This mold sandwich is packed into a frame, which holds it tightly in position, and placed into a vulcanizer at 350°F/176°C for up to an hour. The vulcanizer applies heat and pressure to cure the mold into a solid unit. Once the mold is cured, it is ready for cutting.



An expert mold cutter removes the master model from the rubber sandwich—a task that is more of an art than you might expect. Using a surgical scalpel and a mounted clamp that holds the mold open, the mold cutter cuts a series of peaks and valleys as he separates the mold, carefully cutting parting lines around the master model to free it. The cutter must ensure that the two halves of the mold will match up exactly when he is done.



A commercial wax injector is then used to pressure-inject hot wax (175°F/79°C) into the mold cavity to create wax models for casting. If the mold was cut well, the wax will fill into every last detail, and the finished waxes will be able to be removed without distortion. The surface of each wax is cleaned in preparation for casting.